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Anchor Bay Spine Center Provides Treatments For The following Conditions

Scoliosis Reduction, Headache,
Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, 
Low Back Pain, 
Carpal Tunnel Symptoms, 
Sciatica, Pregnancy Issues, 
Colic & Ear Infections
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 Scoliosis Treatment in New Baltimore, Michigan

About Our Treatments

Specializing in innovative solutions for neck and back pain, scoliosis, sports injuries, auto injuries, chronic headaches, carpal tunnel issues, sciatica and much more. We utilize unique concepts in spinal remodeling, whole body vibration, body weighting, and other various spinal therapies. Come experience the future of spinal therapy designed to get you permanent results in a faster amount of time.

 Ricky's mom tells us the results her son has received from the Scoliosis Activity Suit Program. This includes less pain and from vomiting once a day ( before the program) to having not having a vomiting episode in more than 6 weeks! He is happier and has a
higher quality of life.

Out Of scoliosis activity suit system

In scoliosis activity suit system

Pettibon Weighting System


"My daughter was headed for scoliosis surgery after bracing did not work. Luckily a friend recommended Anchor Bay Spine Center. Skeptical at first, I did not know if this would work. I was completely wrong! My daughter is breathing easier, not in pain and her scoliosis decreased by 50%! I tell everyone now!
-Kevin B.


"I had a severe spinal injury and I was told that I'd never be pain-free again. After 2 weeks of going to Dr. Niederkohr, I was completely off all pain medications for the 1st time in 3 years. ABSC has changed my life and I genuinely recommend it to anyone with any type of spine, back or neck problem."
-Cheryl C.


"I never knew I had scoliosis until my back started aching unbearably. My dad is going there and he had no complaints, and referred me. I've been going to see Dr. Art and now my spine is almost perfect, I said bye to scoliosis and hello to a more fulfilling life. TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS, I've had friends that went to chiropractors and none of them compare to Anchor Bay."
-Tom Haas Jr.
The scoliosis activity suit is comfortable and easy to wear!

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